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the few...the proud...

a few of you already get my arts e-mailed to you. some of you wont know what this is all about. basically, at work i fuck around with paintbrush and make awesome pictures. a link to the webshots account is in the userinfo.

i prefer to do requests, so if you have an idea for something you would like to see, please e-mail it to the account posted in the userinfo or comment, but set so only i can read it. i like to keep ideas a secret untill they are brought forth so that there is always a surprise.

i have no idea how to do a layout or anything like that, so if anyone would like to help me figure all that shit out, or even set up the community for me that would be great. email me or comment if you are interested. i'll design all the artwork of course.

if you can think of anyone who SHOULD be in this community and isn't, tell them to comment to be added.

first pictureto be posted tomorrow.
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